How to Apply Eye Cream

Eyes play a huge part in our overall appearance. The skin beneath the eye is delicate and prone to signs of aging. A simple way to keep your eyes looking young and healthy is with a good cream. Eye creams moisturize and firm the skin, which helps to sooth fine lines and wrinkles.

When to Apply

The best rule of thumb is to apply the thinnest and lightest creams first. Make your beauty routine work for you and your products.  If your eye cream is lighter than your moisturizer, apply it first. Otherwise, apply it afterwards.

How Much to Use

A little bit goes a long way. If you are using a quality eye cream, a pea-sized amount is more than enough.

How to Use

Eye creams are specially formulated for your eyes. It needs to be applied with a special technique. Gently use your finger tip to dab the product on your eyes in a sweeping, sideways motions.

Where to Use

Begin with the inner corner of your eye and continue until just before your hairline. You can also apply eye cream along your lower lid and towards the top of your cheeks.