Fall is one of the most beautiful times of the year – the leaves are changing, the weather gets colder and it’s the perfect time to experiment with hair, beauty, and makeup.


  1. Dramatic eyes

Eyeliner once met neatly lining your lids in black, but for fall, the trend is lines that are not too neat. Everything from winged to double-winged will be making an appearance.

  1. Red hot lips

Seen everywhere on the runways this upcoming season, red is the color. And better yet, red doesn’t mean that fire engine red like it once did. It now consists of varying shades and intensities.

  1. Blushed cold

Cold weather means that our skin will be getting paler but also that our cheeks will be getting pinker. But since skin tends to return to normal once you’re inside, the next big trend will be adding a touch of blush to make it look deliberate – like you have just come in from the cold, but all the time.

  1. Rock God

To help bring you into winter, colors of metal, including silver, gold, and bronze are what you need to be seen in. These colors work best on eyelids or even added with a touch of glue and glitter around the eyes.


  1. Natural Roots

Girls, skip the frequent trips to the hair salon and let your natural color shine through. This fall sees the return of natural roots. Stars like January Jones and Jennifer Lawrence might present with blonde hair, but their natural darker color has been presenting itself as of late.

  1. Bronde

Rather than the more traditional ombre hair color, a hot trend for fall is bronde, which blends light brown with caramel and buttery shades. Rather than decide if you’re on team blonde or team brunette, enjoy standing somewhere in the middle.

  1. Dark highlights

As we mentioned above, ombre has been all the rage, but for fall, the new trend is warming up near-black hair with brown highlights scattered along the lower half, much like the more traditional ombre.

  1. Braids

Since fall is all about being cozy, perfecting the braid is the best way to achieve this. Fall is also the time that we can reminisce about back to school days, but gone are the pigtail days, and in come more intricate styles, such as crown braids and side ponytails.