hair extensions

The best way to instantly enhance the length and volume of your hair is with extensions. Hair extensions are perfect for any length or hair colour.

You don’t need to visit the salon to get hair extensions. Elite Extensions offers a unique clip on system, making them quick and easy to wear. Each box contains 7 pieces: 2 triple clips, 3 double clips and 2 single clips. Layering the clips into your hair creates a perfect, balanced appearance.

Here’s a simple step by step for wearing Elite Extensions:

Step 1: Tie up half of your hair, so you can easily work with the remaining part, closest to your neck.

Step 2: Leaving about one inch of hair near your neck, use a double clip extension. Line up the clip close to your hairline, but not on you scalp. Clip one side and pull extension before clipping the other side.

Step 3: Let down some of your hair down. Cover the attached extension with one inch of your hair. This time, you’ll use a triple clip extension. Line the extension close to your hairline, clip the centre one first and then stretch the extension out before clipping the other two sides.

Step 4: Again, let down more of your tied up hair. Cover the newest attached extension with one inch of your hair. Apply the last triple clip extension. Clip the centre one first and then the other two sides. Remember to stretch out the extension so it flows naturally.

Step 5: Your hair no longer needs to be up, take the rest down so you can add in the remaining extension clips.

Step 6: About one inch up from your ear, attach a double clip. Add the last double clip above your other ear.

Step 7: Near the front of your hair, attach the one clip extension on either side of your face.

Elite Extensions are so light, you can wear them all day long or take them off whenever you want. Made with 100% human hair, Elite Extensions can be washed, blown dry, styled and even dyed.

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