Lets Talk Curling Irons

When you think of curling irons what comes to mind? Most of the time its “How much will this contraption hurt my hair?” right? Well with a little digging I found some ‘curling irons’ that will not only ‘not’ damage your hair but actually help condition and strengthen it as well. If you’re a novice, might I suggest a curling iron that has a low temperature setting. If you’re a pro, then take the plunge and get yourself a ‘ceramic barrel’ type. On ceramic types, the heat is a ‘constant and steady’ temperature. As long as your careful, you won’t have a need to watch for ‘frying’ and ‘frizzing’. Of course, it is not always safe on all hair types. So, check with the manufacturer first. Ceramic barrels are great for keeping the hair looking silky and ‘frizz free’! And of course, it’s always recommended to use an all-natural styling spritz to protect your hair!

Next on The List of Must Have Tools…

The choice of champions; the ceramic flat iron. Again, as with any heat source, please take your time and be careful! Always use the lowest possible setting for heat! Look into the flat irons with the titanium plates! This is because heat is distributed more evenly. Causing less ‘burnage’ and silkier hair.

Blow Dryers and Diffusers

The best ‘dryers’ for any hair type are called “Ionic/Non-Ionic” hair dryers. They are a simple but effective way to blow dry your hair, without the extreme damaging effects of all the heat. Many companies are turning to this technology now. With ‘ionic’ blow dryers, they employ technology that breaks down ‘wet’ water molecules and reduces them to a fraction of their original size. Cool, huh? Allowing the dryer to work much better and extremely fast! Perfect for damaged hair and is a great “must-have” for a ‘busy’ lifestyle. These dryers have been known to actually improve your hairs longevity and collective overall appearance. They are also sold with infused elements such as minerals and oils. One such hair dryer is the “Ionic Tourmaline”. It sends a fine mist of the mineral tourmaline. Awesome!

The ‘Need-To-Know’

Basically, what it boils down to is that you have to be careful with all your hair accessories! Do your homework and lots of research. Every product out there has pros and cons! The main thing is to watch the ‘heat’ and the ‘exposure’ to the heat. Your hair is full of Natural oils that help to protect it. Using to many styling tools could and most likely will damage your hair.