Masks are a wonderful, relaxing beauty treatment that makes you feel relaxed and refreshed while doing great things for your skin and stress level.  Have you ever considered doing the same thing for your hair?

Hair masks are more than just a fad in the beauty world.  Anyone with coarse, dry hair knows that one thing their hair needs is moisture, and that’s exactly what a hair mask does!  Hair masks are a relaxing treatment that usually involves any number of oils and moisturizers which are meant to penetrate the hair shaft and provide moisture.  Some of the most popular oils for this are argan and coconut, but other oils, such as avocado, almond, and even olive oil can be used for this purpose.

Some oils may even help promote hair growth when mixed with proteins.  One of the most popular hair mask recipes involves an egg, the oil of your choice, and a source of vitamin E, whether from castor oil or popped vitamin E caplets.  Here’s what to do:

  1. Break the egg into a bowl.  Mix 2 tablespoons of the oil of your choice and a tablespoon of the vitamin E or castor oil together.

  2. Pour the mixture over your head and concentrate on massaging your scalp. Don’t rub too hard, but make sure the egg is concentrated on your scalp and the oil is concentrated more on your ends.

  3. Wrap your hair in plastic. Do not apply heat at this point, unless you really want scrambled egg in your hair.  Leave your hair wrapped up for twenty minutes.  It may be helpful to put a warm towel or a shower cap over the plastic, not only to catch drips, but apply enough body heat to let the oil work.

  4. Rinse thoroughly, getting all the egg out.

  5. Take a palm-sized amount of the oil you chose to use and massage it into your ends. At this point, you may choose to wrap your hair in a hot towel or in a warm shower cap.  You may choose to sleep this way, in the shower cap (so you won’t ruin your pillow case) or you may choose to rinse your hair after an hour.

Your hair will be soft, smooth, and silky, and some have even reported some hair growth after this treatment. Try one of our masks at PYT Canada and give your hair a moisturizing treat!