Winter is coming, which means the changes to the climate will ultimately have changes on your skin, hair and mood. Common problems include hat head, dandruff, flyaways and split ends. Why? When the weather gets colder we often turn on humidifiers and heaters. However, these things keep us warm but also remove moisture from the air and make hair dryer. And as we all know, when hair is dryer it is more susceptible to damage.

So, now what?
productFor one, using a hair mask, like HerStyler Argan Oil Hair Mask can help replenish hair. One of the main ingredients in the hair mask is dimethicone, a silicone. The dimethicone absorbs on the outer cuticle of the hair, forming a film which smoothes out the cuticle. Hair becomes easier to comb both dry and wet. The mask is also great for repairing damaged and dry hair, eliminating frizz and contributes to a generally healthier look.

Other things you can do?

  • get regular trims to remove split ends
  • switch up your routine with different shampoos and conditioners
  • avoid the heat by staying away from the blow dryer and hot tools
  • keep hair protected by always wearing protection, like a hat, to keep moisture in
  • simplify your routine with products that don’t weigh your hair down