Almond Oil is a somewhat unknown all-natural hair care tool. Not only will it make your hair healthier, but it is also said to help hair grow faster as well. You can have thicker longer hair in a month if you are willing to go through this procedure once a week at a minimum.


The only trouble comes in at the actual process of applying the almond oil to your hair. It’s not super difficult, but if not done correctly you could be slowing down your results and may feel like its not worth the bother. So, if you are serious, commit to the following regimen and you will see dramatic results.


Step One: Either wash or rinse out your hair.


There’s no point going through the work of oiling your hair if you are going to wash it out and ruin it. So be sure to wash it out first so that will be taken care of. Probably the best method is to rinse out your hair before bed and apply the oil so you can keep it in over night and then give it a good wash in the morning.


Step Two: Preparation


Now when it comes to applying the oil, it works best if you comb out your hair first and then pull it into separate segments. While you are doing this, you can start warming up the almond oil so that it will be warm and ready to apply once you are finished.


Step Three: Applying the Almond Oil


Now a common mistake you want to avoid is just pouring the oil into your hair. You will want to gently and carefully apply a small amount of oil to each segment you’ve separated previously making sure to get it deep into the scalp. The more segments you can divide your hair into the better. You can use a wide tooth comb to help you distribute the oil down the length of your hair.


Step Four: Protecting Your Hair Application


Now that you’ve got the almond oil evenly distributed into your hair, you will want to keep it there. It is easy for it to rub off onto things like pillows and eliminating your hard work. The best way to do this is to either wear a shower cap or wrap your hair up in a clean, dry towel.


Once you have performed this task a few times it will become second nature as it is not terribly difficult to do; you just need to know how to do it right.