How to straighten the hair without damaging it?

How to straighten the hair without damaging it?

Damaged hair is basically dehydrated hair that is both dry and frizzy and doesn’t have the so desired shine to it.
This kind of undesired condition can be caused by many reasons such as unbalanced diet, stress, extended sun exposure and most of all, styling your hair with metal styling tools.

Why do metal straighteners and curlers damage the hair?

Heated metal are charged with positive charges; those charges open the hair follicles and allow the moisture to escape from the hair. The result is fizziness, split ends, dry hair and loss of shine.

Looking close to a hair.

On the contrary, heated Ceramic plates are charged with negative ions. The negative ions conceal the hair follicles and by that retain the moisture in the hair.

So as you can see, it is most important to use a solid ceramic hair straightener. However, there is more to it.

Eventually heat damages the hair. However, if the plates are heated with infra-red light, the hair is heated from the inside out and so the damage is insignificant in comparison to conventional heat.

All Herstyler hair straighteners have both ceramic plates and infrared heat technology.

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