Moisture is Crucial

No matter the type of hair you have, moisture is crucial. It ensures your hair stays vibrant and strong. You want to protect your hair and make sure it always stays moisturized. Essentially, almost every hair problem we face is a result from un-moisturized hair. Color fade, dryness and split ends are all due to this. Proper hair care balance will assure your hair will be its happiest and healthiest. Moderation is key. Find the right balance for you. If your hair is healthy and moisturized, it will be able to withstand more styling and or brushing, without breaking off.

Tips & Tricks

A healthy diet is one of the most important things to assure your hair stays healthy and moisturized. If your hair is already dry, don’t apply any sealants! As it will trap that dryness. Try keeping your hands out of your hair, even this can cause it to dry out. Shampoos with moisturizing ingredients are great. Never use hot water to wash your hair. It will strip it of those precious oils your hair wants and needs. If your hair is feeling dry, toss a deep conditioning treatment in. Always sleep on a silk pillow case, it actually promotes hair growth. It is much easier on your hair than cotton or any alternatives. Whenever you can, avoid heat treatments. Try to let your hair air dry instead of using your beloved blow dryer. Try wearing extensions so that they can achieve the style you want, without having to style your own hair. If your hair is thick, don’t be afraid to layer on those conditioning treatments!


Best Ingredients to Moisturize Hair

  • Aloe Vera
  • Vitamin E
  • Jojoba oil
  • Rose water
  • Extra virgin olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Argon oil

If you hair in unhealthy, don’t be discouraged. Far too many people can say the same. It can and will be easily restored. Although, if you don’t take proper care of it now, you might regret it later on. You could see thinning hair sooner rather than later. Do what you should now to make sure your hair stays beautiful throughout those golden years of yours. Everybody hears about people getting hair transplants these days. Let’s not make that a thing of the future.

If you don’t already have a high quality deep conditioner, get yourself one today!