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Coconut Water

Experts agree; Coconut water is absolutely amazing! Coconut water is used by many top fashionistas, to maintain their ‘beautiful locks’ and preserve the natural beauty of their hair for years to come. Found inside the ‘nut’ itself, the liquid known as ‘coconut water’ has been used for generations in maintaining healthy and vibrant hair. Coconut water acts not only as a gentle cleanser for hair but as a n extremely effective ‘hydrator’ as well.

Argan Oil

The ‘Royal Oil’ as its referred too! The benefits are amazing! Its uses are infinite! For use in hair conditions such as: Psoriasis, Clinical dandruff, common dry scalp and others; this oil is not only soothing but very effective in fighting these uncomfortable ailments!

Shea Butter

This natural beauty helps maintain moisture in hair and skin! It provides nutrients and protein for hair as well as balances ph for ‘lovely locks’!

Coconut Oil

The oil from this favorite is rich in emollients that are extremely beneficial to your hair and skin.

Murumuru Butter

This little unknown ‘gem’ is found in Brazil. And is absolutely amazing when combating stubborn, impossible to style and manage hair. This is sure to become the next big ‘styling’ product!

Natures Remedies

Natural products have been on the rise as of late due to the awareness of too many chemicals being put into products. These toxins do more harm than good for your hair, nails and skin. The use of All-Natural Products has led to a huge ‘boom’ in this industry. Giving way to many different ‘outlets’ that you can choose from! Select natural products based on your skin and hair type. Natural Hair Care has been around for centuries. In fact, some of the greatest, most profound figures in history have used natural products to make their own ‘personal beauty’ stand-out!

For example, Queen Cleopatra used to completely submerge herself in milk and honey. The combination of the two all-natural ingredients helped the queen maintain a lovely face and keep her ‘own’ ‘real’ hair, which was unheard of in the Nile Delta at that time. And let us not forget about the beautiful and graceful Princess Diana. What was her secret? Coconut oil and mineral water! Yep, so easy, so natural and so beautiful!

Hair care doesn’t have to cost an ‘arm and a leg’ for it to be affective! It can simply be all natural, healthy and light! Natural hair care products used every day can bring your ‘lovely mane’ back to life again! And make you feel like a queen while using them!