Ladies Best Attribute

A girl’s hair is one of her best attributes. Something you pride yourself on. Every girl dreams of having that long princess-like hair, we all saw in fairytales. Having long beautiful locks makes a girl feel confident and beautiful in her own skin. It creates the ability to feel the upmost confident about yourself. Everybody could use some of that in their lives.

Why You Need to Toss Those Drug Store Products

Drug store hair products contain a bunch of junk, that you really don’t want to involve yourself with. Yes, it’s hard to resist that $3.99 price tag. Although, there may be a reason it’s $3.99. You get what you pay for, in a lot of cases. And in this one, you are literally paying for toxic chemicals. When you expose your hair to drug store products, over time, it will create a layer of buildup. This takes a lot of time, knowledge and patience to undo. It does not aid your hair in healthy growing, it does the actual opposite. Causing ends to break off, shortage and can also form a layer of buildup over your scalp. This layer of on your scalp will actually prevent your hair from growing. Do yourself a favor, invest in yourself. Get some quality shampoo and conditioner. Not only does it make every day better with more luscious hair, but you will save your precious skin from all of those impurities.

Yes, it’s a bit more then what some women are used to spending on their usual hair care routine. But once you see what you have been missing, you will never go back. A little bit of quality product can go a long way. So, all in all, pricing is relatively comparable.

Five ingredients you DON’T want in your hair products

  • Sulfates
  • Fragrance
  • Parabens
  • Triclosan
  • Polyethylene Glycol

Deep Condition Those Luscious Locks

 Do your best to use the proper amount. You don’t want to much or too little. Always leave conditioner in for a minimum of three minutes! The longer the better.  Most conditioners are made to be used every day, but it would be good to suggest not to wash hair every day. That can have contradicting effects than you are seeking. Do a deep conditioning treatment once week. You will be blown away at the results. Quality conditioner has the ability to make hair luscious, bountiful and shine like it should.